INTRODUCTION:  The Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural  Medicine  is an Organisation set up to promote professionalism, best practice and to develop, establish and maintain standard   of qualification in the field of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine


An International centre of excellence for the professional Education, Research Examination and Certification in the field of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine


To create and organize professional training courses, examinations and certification of qualified practitioners in the field of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine


 COLLABORATION/AFFLATION:  The council will collaborate with professional organization locally and internationally in the deliverance of her service e.g WHO, professional Associations, NGOs Regulatory Agencies and Ministries of Health, Education, Science and technology etc.



  1. To conduct professional examination in the various field of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine
  2. To develop, establish and maintain standard of qualification for the profession of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine
  1. To establish standard of professional Ethics and conduct
  2. Upgrading the knowledge of practitioners
  3. Organization of training programmes
  4. To collaborate with various training institution in the examination education and certification of students/ practitioners.
  5. To promote Research and Development of Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine



The council shall be govern by the governing board listed below:

(a)       Representative each of the various professional disciple

(b)       Representative of the National Professional Association

(c)       Representative  of Association of Alternative Medical  Colleges.

(d)       Representative   of the Ministry of Health

(e)       Representative   of the University & Polytechnic /Ministry of


(f)        Representative  of the WHO / Regional Health Organization

(g)       Representative of the National medical Council/regulatory Agencies

(h)       The Registrar




Governing Council

Management / Secretariat

Faculties /  Departments

Regional Offices


The Governing Council:   Shall be headed by the chairman the governing council  shall be the highest organ of the board and policy making arm.


Secretariat:   The Secretariat arm shall be headed by the Registrar who shall be the Registrar of the board and be in charge of the day to day administration of the board, he /she shall be supported by other management staff.


Faculties:   There shall be established faculty for each of the Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine profession that will be responsible for the Academic and Administrative function of the faculties e.g Homeopathy faculty, Chiropractic faculty etc.  They shall also exist within the faculty smaller units / department in charge of Examination, Evaluation, Research and Development.


 Administration and Finance:  The board will also have an administrative  and financial department that will see to the administrative function of the entire board and co-ordinate it.


 Types of Examination

Foundation / Intermediate Examination equivalent  to Diploma

Professional Examination  equivalent 1 to Degree / HND

Professional Examination equivalent  2 to Masters

Professional Examination  Final equivalent  to Ph.D

Our Team

Bishop Atilade

Bishop Atilade


Chiropractor graduated from North Western College of Chiropractic foundation/Minnesota U.S.A

Member America Chiropractor Association
Member Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
Fellow Nigerian Council of Physician of Natural Medicine
Member Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board.
Chairman Board of Trusty, National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners.